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Dental Crowns & Bridges | Vermont South, Burwood, East, Burwood

Located in Vermont South, Complete Smiles Vermont South provides dental crowns and bridges.

We are committed to delivering high-quality treatments. Visit us today!

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Well-Designed Dental Crowns

A dental crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape and appearance of a natural tooth.

At Complete Smiles Vermont South, we can repair, broken, cracked, worn or unsightly teeth with dental crowns.

With years of acquired knowledge and skill, our team of specialists will offer well-designed crowns that last for years, and will talk you through the procedure, making sure all of your questions have been answered.

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Dental Crowns & Bridges  Vermont South

We talk you through the procedure


Dental Crowns

Bridges are a good replacement option for one or more missing teeth. They are fixed to the remaining natural teeth either side of the gap, restoring the look and function of the missing tooth.

We deliver excellent and comprehensive assessments that aim to diagnose any abnormalities before suggesting the most suitable option.

Using advanced and innovative technologies, we provide effective and compassionate care. Visit us today at Complete Smiles Vermont South to replace your missing teeth!

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Effective and compassionate care


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